Welcome to the Queensland Small Business Champion Update

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Welcome to the Queensland Small Business Champion Update


Queensland’s small business sector has grown in number to around 426,000, employs 44 per cent of the state’s private sector workforce and contributes approximately $110 billion to our Gross State Product. Small business matters! It is my job as Small Business Champion to help make sure small business, so critical to the state’s economy, is able to thrive here in Queensland through engaging with—and advocating for—our state’s small business community.

Some important highlights of these last six months include progressing the national small business agenda with my interstate colleagues, the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, and federal regulators. From what I see, roughly 80% of the issues and challenges experienced by small businesses here in Queensland are likewise experienced elsewhere across the country. This is why I believe it is so important that Queensland has a voice in this influential forum. It ensures our perspective is considered and informs the national small business agenda. Vital nation-wide progress is being made too—I’ve captured some of the highlights further on in this update.

I have particularly enjoyed hosting the first-ever Regulator Rally events held in Mackay and more recently in Toowoomba. These events are a great opportunity for the local business community to establish connections with the regulators they deal with at all three levels of government. There are more Regulator Rallies in the pipeline for this year—keep an eye on my social media and the Business Queensland web page for locations and dates.

Queensland Small Business Week was a great success this year with more than 160 events being hosted right across the state. These events created opportunities to connect and collaborate, to share experiences and learn, and to be inspired. I was so pleased to see and get to meet many of the 100 Faces of Small Business, too. You can see more of their stories on the Business Queensland web page.

Balanced and transparent access to government business is a top issue I hear from Queensland small businesses. I really encourage you to check out the Queensland Small Business Procurement Commitment consultation paper and have your say on this important opportunity before 31 July.

It was fantastic to get off the beaten track and join Queensland’s Chief Entrepreneur, Steve Baxter, on an adventure to Mount Isa via western Queensland, where we met some truly inspirational local businesses and I brought back some new ideas and challenges to work on.

I can only be as effective as the information I gather, so I’d like to give a huge thanks to everyone who has shared their stories with me, posted a question on my social media, or pitched an idea. I will continue absorbing it all, and will keep working hard to direct the valuable input I gain from you into the various channels I feed into. There is genuine progress being made both locally and nationally. You’ll find more detail about these highlights and other updates for the Queensland small business sector in the articles below. If you have thoughts, comments and questions to share, please feel free to get in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn or email—your experiences and feedback informs everything I do.

Maree Adshead
Queensland Small Business Champion

Advocating for Queensland small business

The Queensland Small Business Champion is advocating for Queensland small businesses at the national and state levels of government, bringing the concerns and experiences of Queensland small businesses to the table at the National Small Business Commissioners network, Queensland Small Business Advisory Council, Better Regulation Taskforce and Procurement Industry Advisory Group.

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Connecting with Queensland small businesses

It is important for the Queensland Small Business Champion to engage with small businesses right across the state. This provides genuine insights about the realities experienced and strengthens lines of communication between the small business community and government.

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Queensland Small Business Week 2018

Queensland Small Business Week was held in the last week of May, comprising a statewide week of events and activities to advocate, enable and empower Queensland’s small businesses.

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Small business industry update

The Queensland Small Business Champion has put together a list of useful news and information for small businesses.

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Connect with the Queensland Small Business Champion

Do you have a question or comment regarding small business in Queensland? Maree would love to hear from you. Follow the Queensland Small Business Champion on Twitter and LinkedIn, or connect via email.


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